Thứ Sáu, 18 tháng 12, 2015


Mothers often encounter a lot of trouble when they take care of their babies, especially when babies are sleeping such as high cushions, when they are procumbent, too thick blanket and so forth. To such problems, if we do not help our babies come back to right positions, they may be breathless or their hands and legs may suffer from pain. In particular, the case that babies sleep in the swing should be also noticed. It is necessary to understand the usage of the swing as well as its working principles with a view to insuring the safety and comfort for babies. In this article, I am about to share tips to keep babies safe during their sleep in a swing.
1.     Elementary tips
When you lay your babies in the swing, you had better remember the notes bellows to avoid unfortunate shock and incidents during sleeping.
Let babies lie on the back; do not let them be procumbent on the grounds that procumbent position could result in chest tightness and heart pain.
Do not cover babies’ faces or heads with blankets or nets or anything else. This helps babies to get more oxygen from the space. If their faces, especially their noses are covered, it will be difficult for them to breathe. In addition, babies do not know to control their breathing like adults.
Do not let the smoke of cigarette or fired coal into the room of babies as such smoke will make them struggle to breathe.
Keep the space safe. For example, if the baby swing is small and you choose the one that has no barrier, there should have a soft cushion right below the swing.
Do not let the pets like dogs and cats sleep in babies’ room on the grounds that if they bark or make noise, our babies will be startled and fall out of their swing.
Apart from this, when you place your baby in the swing, you ought to put their legs in the end of swing so that your babies cannot slip their feet down the cushion layer.
Babies always need blankets whether it is hot or cold. It is also not advisable to use a set of swing cover layer which will reduce the ventilation of swing.
2.     Protection

Besides paying attention to the position and posture of our babies, we have to protect them from mosquitoes which usually fly around the babies and wait for suitable moment to bite.
We need to keep the space clean all the time so that there is nothing attractive to this kind of insects. If the rooms have food, carbonated drink, milk or much dirt, the mosquitoes will come. Therefore, remember to clean the room regularly to insure the quality of air.

These are the most common problems that parents often have to cope with in terms of looking after their baby girls and baby boys. After my sharing, I hope to collect more tips to share with you in my next posts.